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Resources and Other Tools of the Trade

If you are seeking resources to restart your own artistic pursuits,
try out different media or new techniques,
the following books are highly recommended:

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
by Betty Edwards (1979; J.P.Tarcher. Inc. Los Angeles, Ca)

The Big Book of Drawing by Jose M. Parramon
(1987; Watson-Guptil Publications)

The Natural Way to Draw by Kimon Nicolaides
(1975; Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, Ma)

Artist's Manual: A Complete Guide To Painting
and Drawing Materials and Techniques

Edited By Angela Guir (1995; Chronicle Books,
San Francisco, Ca. Published by HarperCollins)

Art as a Healing Force Web
This is an excellent site for artists, healers, or anyone interested
in discovering the healing powers of art through the creative process.

Also, visiting art musuems and galleries is an essential way to
keep recharging your idea bank and staying connected to new and
exciting ways other artists, like yourself, are interacting and
interpreting the world around them. I found it most helpful to
take a notebook when I went to various exhibits, as it kept me focused
and gave me tangible ideas to refer to during my dry creative spells...

Keep a file to collect pictures, images, ideas and photos that one day might inspire a painting.

This also helps when you are feeling lost and totally clueless. Relax, it happens!

If you have any suggested materials, books, resources,
or favorite art sites on the web that you would like to share,
please contact me at

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