The Art Experience

The Why of Art Mystic...

Art Is...

Art is the universal language of our planet.
It transcends time, space, and cultural barriers.

The earliest recorded data of our civilization
comes not from the written word,
but from cave drawings created by prehistoric man.

Art is the innate language of our species --
the native tongue of human beings.

It precedes literature, science, mathematics,
even computer technology, for that matter!

But despite its lauded status, art often ends up being
the first item to be cut from funding or education,
and the last to be recognized for its vital contribution
to our civilization.

If it can't sell a product, or look good
hanging over a couch, what good is it?
What role does art play in society?
Can art make a difference in our lives?
Why is art important?

These are some of the issues Art Mystic seeks to explore...

Art Mystic...

Art Mystic is grounded in the belief that we are all born artists,
each gifted with the basic ability and desire to communicate and express
ourselves creatively -- through symbols, form, color, line and dimension.

Unfortunately, most people assume at a very early age that they are not
"artistic," and simply put their crayons away -- forever. In the process, they
lose touch with the inner creator: the poet, the muse, the child of wonder.

A subtle but defining change occurs. The vibrant colors of the world dull
just a bit, and life becomes more functional and matter of fact. We learn to
question less, and simply accept what life dictates.

The technological age in which we now live has anaesthetised us: we have
only virtual contact between the ideas we generate and the objects they create.

We no longer touch the things we make...or feel what it is to create
with our own hands a thing of lasting beauty or imagination...

Art Mystic is not just about being "artistic."
It is about the conscious process of communicating
with your artist within, and with the world around us. It is about
evolving a dialogue on canvas, clay, paper or stone with the cosmos.

It is about working with the mind and hands and heart,
and creating a tangible piece of oneself to share with others.

Art is a mystical experience -- it requires we
relearn how to intuitively comprehend life's meaning and mystery
through imagery and imagination and creation.

Art is ultimately about recapturing that wide-eyed child from long ago,
picking up a pencil or paintbrush once more, and reconnecting with all the
beauty and splendor that surrounds us.

That is your mission.
Let the games begin!

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