September 11th, 2001
In Memory...

A View From Brooklyn...

In the weeks after September 11th,
the smoke continued to billow and rise from the
space where the World Trade Center once stood.

This is the view from our kitchen window,
where we watched the first plume of smoke form
after the first tower was hit, and then the huge burst of flame
as the second tower was struck.

An hour later an enormous cloud of dust
and tiny silver pieces of debris rolled toward Brooklyn.
For weeks we kept vigil at the kitchen window, wondering when and if
the smoke would ever stop shadowing the treetops of Greenwood Cemetary.

March 11, 2002, will mark the six month anniversary
of a day the world will never forget.
It is a day many lives were senselessly lost--
Hearts were broken, and lives changed forever.

Two beams of light will shine every evening,
filling the hallowed space that now holds sacred memories.
They are a tribute, by artists, to all those who shared the terror of this day:
a reminder of all the heroism, beauty of spirit, and humanity that prevails.

We are all, each of us, a beam of light amid the darkness.
A light which can never be dimmed...

-Peg McCarron, March 10, 2002


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