These works of art are reproductions from the Intergenerational Mural created at Penn South, located in Chelsea, the heart of New York City. Community members of all ages shared stories and talents in creating this amazing mural.
This urban masterpiece spans 150 feet in length and reaches 6 feet high, celebrating the past, present and future of our diverse community.
To view the mural, just scroll to the right...

Photography by Justine Stehle, CSW
About Penn South Program for Seniors

The Intergenerational Mural Project is an example of one of the many educational, cultural and social programs offered at Penn South Senior Center. The Penn South Program for Seniors (PSPS) was founded in 1986 by the residents of Mutual Redevelopment Houses, Penn South Co-Op, after recognizing that many senior residents needed supportive services. In 1994, PSPS became the model program for the NY State legislation that established supportive service programs in NORCS or "Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities." Your purchase of these beautiful cards will help Penn South Program for Seniors continue its essential support to thousands of elderly living independently among friends and neighbors.


9 Cards (Blank Inside - 4" x 6")   With Envelopes   $15.00 Per Set
Special $5.00 Savings: 18 Cards    With Envelopes   $25.00 For 2 Sets

Shipping & Handling:
1-2 Sets --$2.00
3-5 Sets --$5.00

Cards may be purchased directly at the Center 
Monday through Friday, 9 AM-5 PM to avoid shipping and handling charges. 

To order cards or to make a contribution to PSPS, please send
your check or money order, with your name, address, 
and phone number to:

290 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
For more information call: (212) 243-3670
* Or email Penn South Program For Seniors

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